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  • Recovery of vanadium and nickel in fly ash from heavy

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  • Vanadium Recovery from Oil Fly Ash by Carbon

    Author: Myungwon Jung, Brajendra Mishra
  • Vanadium recovery from oil fly ash by leaching ...

    The dispersion of fine particles of oil fly ash and the high solubility of vanadium may cause a dispersion of vanadium in water and soil. Due to the low toxicity of vanadium compared to other heavy metals, the accepted levels for vanadium in water supplies and irrigation water are 200 ppb and 10 mg L −1 , respectively ( Juste et al., 1995 ).

  • Vanadium recovery from oil fly ash by leaching ...

    2020-1-3  Vanadium recovery from oil fly ash by leaching, precipitation and solvent extraction processes R. Navarro a, J. Guzman a,1, I. Saucedo a, J. Revilla b, E. Guibal c,* a Universidad de Guanajuato, Instituto de Investigaciones Cientı´ficas, Cerro de la Venada s/n, Pueblito de Rocha, C.P. 36040 Guanajuato, Gto, Mexico b Centro de Investigacio ´n y Desarrollo, Av. de los Sauces 87, Mz. 6 ...

  • Recovery of vanadium and nickel from petroleum flyash

    Petroleum fly ash generated from heavy oil fired power plant contains significant amount of vanadium and carbon. In the present study a recipe-based concept is introduced for metal recovery by ...

  • Chapter 6.12 Vanadium - World Health Organization

    2013-10-10  values (up to 400 μg/g) in areas polluted by fly ash (4). The concentration of vanadium in water is largely dependent on geographical location and ranges from 0.2 to more than 100 μg/litre in freshwater (2), and from 0.2 to 29 μg/litre in seawater (3). The ocean floor is the main long-term sink of vanadium in the global circulation (4).


    2010-11-12  treatment system as fly ash. The fly ash from burning petroleum oil is an important secondary resource for vanadium, after the primary resource of the ore concentrates and the metallurgical slag. According to the information in literature [6], hydrometallurgical processing is

  • Extraction of Vanadium from Fly Ash Produced in Heavy

    2020-1-27  vanadium, heavy fuel, fly ash, leaching, extraction 1. Introduction The power generation station that uses heavy oil produces a solid residue called fly ash [1]. Fly ash generated during oil combustion. Fly ash is rich in Ni, V, Fe, Mo, Mg, Na and C and among these metals Ni

  • Biologic effects of oil fly ash. - PubMed Central (PMC)

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    2012-2-7  flyash followed by a combustion step to remove carbon and sulphur. The treated ash is then reduced by smelting in a DC arc furnace, using ferrosilicon or aluminium, to produce a vanadium alloy and a disposable slag. A testwork program was designed to demonstrate the application of this flowsheet to the ash. The test program covered 60 kVA induction